Tanpura Generator Desktop 3 - Professional Tanpura Software

Real Tanpura and Shruti sound - CD quality sound - Advanced Metronome

5 bands equalizer - Audio Unit and VST - Complete, easy and precise tuning

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This software will create your delightful musical atmosphere. It is ideal for playing with tabla, sitar, vocal, bansuri, ... You may use it:


On stage for your concerts: Just plug your sound card stereo output to the theater sound system

At home for practice: Just plug your sound card output to small speakers or to your sound system

At music school or academy: for teaching or learning...

This tanpura software work with all major professional sound system, using ASIO and Core-Audio drivers        

With it, all your tampura, shruti, metronome will fit in a small laptop. No more heavy electronic boxes to carry!

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This software has been designed in collaboration with Fabrice DE GRAEF and some India great artists, such as Harsh WARDHAN.

Thanks to RBQ Sound Studio, Kalkaji, 110019 Delhi

For Microsoft Windows
For Mac OS X

This application is the most advanced tanpura software for Apple Mac OS X and Windows PC.

With it, you will get:

  1. PuceA professional tanpura and shruti with real high quality sound with a five band equalizer

  2. PuceA tone generator to tune your instrument or to add harmonics to the atmosphere

  3. PuceAn advanced metronome for practice

  4. PuceAn audio file player, with pitch and speed change capability

  5. PuceA high precision tuning tool by semi tones, cents, tenth of cent

  6. PuceOne Clic Pitch Change” feature, which let you change the pitch of everything in one clic.

  7. PuceVST plugin and Audio Unit of tanpura and shruti (TG v2 only)

All these fantastic features for only 49 €