Tanpura Generator Desktop 3 - Professional Tanpura Software

Real Tanpura and Shruti sound - CD quality sound - Advanced Metronome

5 bands equalizer - Audio Unit and VST - Complete, easy and precise tuning

See also: iTabla, which brings tabla+tanpura to iPhone/iPod


User License terms:

  1. PuceWith the same license, you can use on a computer : Tampura Generator, Tampura/Shruti Generator VST plugin, Tampura/Shruti Generator AU effects

  2. PuceThe license code is valid ONLY FOR TWO COMPUTER. You mau authorize two computers with that license. The authorization code will not work for another computer. You can activate the Tampura Generator software several times (no limit) on the same computer (after a system re-installation for example). If you want to buy extra license codes for other computers, you may ask us for a price quote. If later you change your computer for a new one, you may ask us for a new license code which will be provided for free.

  3. PuceThe license code is NOT refundable. Once we have sent it to you by email, you CANNOT apply for a refund. You must use the demo version to check that the software is working fine on your computer, and to see if it is matching your requirements.

  4. PuceYou are granted the right to use the sample files provided by us ONLY IN our Tampura Generator software.

  5. PuceYou are NOT granted the right to make a recording of Tampura with our samples, whatever the software you're using. For special needs, please consult us.

  6. PuceOur tampura samples can be used ONLY in our software

  7. PuceYou are granted the right to use our Tampura Generator Software as an accompaniment for your music, in live, recording, ...