Tanpura Generator Desktop 3 - Professional Tanpura Software

Real Tanpura and Shruti sound - CD quality sound - Advanced Metronome

5 bands equalizer - Audio Unit and VST - Complete, easy and precise tuning

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You need an authorization key to run this software. Otherwise, it will stop working after five minutes. To obtain the full version, you may buy it at the price of 49 € here.

Follow the instructions displayed by the software when you launch the demo version.

A registration window will open and provide you with a challenge. Send it to us and we will reply to you with a response which will activate the software.

Keep this response safe, it will be useful if you need to authorize again the software on your computer. You can quit the software after sending us the challenge by email, and restart it later when you will receive our response.

The plugins will be activated at the same time you activate Tampura Generator.

From Tanpura Generator Desktop 3 menu, you can get the license manager:

To obtain a license after paying the fees, clic on the button to send us a query. It will also send us the challenge code, needed to generate your license.

Once you have received your license code, paste it in right place and then Apply. This will store the license for the plugins and the tampura generator applications.

Contact-us if you need assistance during this procedure.


How to unlock the software if you bought a license?

Procedure to obtain an activation code to unlock tampura generator