Tanpura Generator Desktop 3 - Professional Tanpura Software

Real Tanpura and Shruti sound - CD quality sound - Advanced Metronome

5 bands equalizer - Audio Unit and VST - Complete, easy and precise tuning

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Read the following explanation in order to get Tanpura Generator Desktop 3

First, you should download the demo version. This will enable you to test the software and see if it is working on your computer, and if it is the Tampura software you need. All the features are enabled in the demo version. The demo version will close automatically after 5 minutes.

Download Tanpura Generator Desktop v3    (Download older version and plugins)

I loved the demo version, and I want to buy the full version...

The price of the full version is 49 € 

(US$ 64 - exchange rate of march 2012).

The upgrade from TG v2 to TG v3 costs only 8 € .

If you bought TG v2 in 2010 later, you can get Tanpura Generator Desktop 3 for free.

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(You should read the license terms before clicking). If you want to pay by bank transfer, contact-us.

For this price, you will get :

  1. PuceA license code, which will unlock the software on your computer. You can get license for the software on two computers. (Read help for activation procedure)

  2. Puce

  3. PuceThe right to use our sample files in out Tampura Generator Software, with the provided sound samples of tanpura, shruti, accordion, harmonium,... provided by us.

  4. Puce

  5. PuceThe right to use our audio units and VST plugins in all your music projects (once the version 3 of plugins will be released)

  6. Puce

  7. PuceFree updates for all new coming versions 3.x of the software (new features, improvements, error corrections, user interface improvements, ...).

  8. Puce

  9. PuceTampura sound samples, recorded in 24 bits 44100 Hz or 88200 Hz. Accordion, bandoneon and harmonium sound samples recorded in 24 bits/48000Hz. Please consult the download page.

If you wish to get another license code for another computer you own, or for a new computer replacing  your old one, please consult us.

Secure payment PAYPAL

49 €

Upgrade TG v2 to TG v3

only if you bought TGv2 BEFORE 2010

8 €

How to buy tampura generator?