Tanpura Generator Desktop 3 - Logiciel de Tanpura Professionnel

Son réel de Tampura and Shruti - Son de qualité CD - Métronome perfectionné

Equaliseur 5 bandes - Plugins Audio Unit et VST - Accordage précis, facile et parfait

A découvrir : iTabla : un tabla et une tampura dans votre iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad


We are proud to announce the release of Tanpura Generator Desktop 3, a major evolution of Tampura Generator 2:

  1. PuceSeveral new tanpura sounds, with very good stereo sounds

  2. PuceA tanpura plucking attenuator, for selecting the perfect plucking you need for your music: hard, soft, male, female, ... as you wish

  3. PuceA completly revisited user interface, simpler to use (based on iTabla Desktop)

  4. PuceImproved audio processing of our tanpura engine

  5. PuceFor Mac and PC

All these fantastic features for only 49 €  ! To buy it.

For the owners of Tampura Generator 2, the upgrade costs only 8 €. To buy it. If you bought Tampura Generator 2 after January 2010, the upgrade is free.