Download tanpura and shruti audio unit and vst


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We are now providing Tanpura and shruti as audio plugin, for use with your sound software. The plugins have really good performances and are very useful for a live performance or a recording mix. All our plugins are working in stereo.


For Apple Mac, plugins version 1.2.3, released on 18 december 2007 (35 Mb)

Audio Units update 1.3.0 here (6 may 2009) : Download Audio Units

  1. PuceMac OS X 10.4, powerpc

  2. PuceMac OS X 10.4, intel

For PC Microsoft Windows, plugins version 1.2.3, released on 18 december 2007 (35 Mb)

            Tampura Generator Plugins for PC 
  1. PucePC Windows XP (should work on Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and probably older versions also)


Important notes:

  1. PuceOnly AIFF files are accepted by the plugins for the sound samples

  2. PuceTwo high quality tampura sound samples, and three for the shruti, are included within the plugins (madhyam and pancham)

  3. PuceThe plugins are can run as a demo for a few minutes if you don’t own a license.

Thanks for reporting problems and compatibility issues with this software.

If you’re a registered user, you may download Tampura string and Shruti sound samples here.