Download Tampura Generator (v2)


First, you have to download the software installer. Tampura Generator will work in demo mode until you provide it wit h a valid license code. This will enable you to test the software and see if it is working on your computer, and if it is the Tampura software you need. All the features are enabled in the demo version. The demo version will be closed after 5 minutes.

After downloading and installing the software, following the activation procedure if you bought a license : Software activation.

How to download Sound Samples

The Tampura Generator installer contains a several tanpura and shruti sound samples, which are installed automatically with the software. Those samples are:

  1. PuceBig Tampura, Pancham tuning in E, notes Sa, Pa, and Kharaj. Quality is 24 bits/44100 Hz

  2. PuceAccordion notes F, G, B, E. Quality is 24 bits/48000 Hz. Some accordion sound samples have been tuned manually very accurately. You’ll have to tune the other the samples with the software. To help you, we added a few default convenient tunings in the shruti Quick Tuning.

With the tampura generator, it is very easy to tune the tampura and shruti for any pitch, to play with any instrument (vocal, sitar, bansuri, ...)